Unlock Your Financial Freedom with Our Military Line of Credit (MiLOC)

At FreeStar Financial, we deeply appreciate the service and sacrifice of our military personnel. To express our gratitude, we've tailored the Military Line of Credit (MiLOC) exclusively for you. Whether you're a veteran or currently serving, with limited or no credit history, MiLOC opens the door to financial stability and peace of mind.

Why Choose MiLOC?

As a dedicated financial partner, we want to empower you with a credit solution that truly meets your unique needs. Here's why MiLOC stands out:

  • Competitive rates: Enjoy a credit line up to $1,000 at an attractive 9.99% APR*—significantly lower than many credit cards.
  • Flexible access: Apply once, and maintain access to a revolving line of credit for as long as you need it.
  • No hidden costs: With no annual fee and no minimum credit score required, MiLOC keeps things transparent and easy.
  • Instant liquidity: Need cash urgently? Transfer funds swiftly into your checking account as needed.

*Annual Percentage Rate. 9.99% corresponds to a monthly periodic rate, which equates to a daily rate of 0.027370. The minimum payment will be 2% of the outstanding balance or $1.00, whichever is greater.

Ready to Take Control of Your Finances?

To apply for MiLOC, you must be employed with the military or receiving a military direct deposit or retirement direct deposit. We'll verify your military employment during the approval process.

Start your journey towards financial freedom today. Fill out the form below and let us serve you for a change.