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Why has Belle River Community Credit Union decided to partner with FreeStar Financial Credit Union?

In this highly competitive and regulated financial services environment, this partnership will enhance the resources necessary to serve their members better. Their members will now receive more products and services, including additional branches, enhanced technology in online and mobile applications, and very competitive rates. At FreeStar Financial Credit Union we have the same “members first” philosophy and will provide their members with the personal service that they have come to know. By collaborating, we can ensure a better future for our memberships for generations to come.


When will this partnership take place?

Through a combination of mail in ballots and a final membership vote that took place on November 18, 2021, Belle River Community Credit Union members overwhelmingly voted in favor of becoming a part of FreeStar Financial Credit Union. The approved merger is effective January 1, 2022.


How does the partnership benefit BRCCU members?

With the combined resources of our two credit unions, we will be able to offer: more branch locations, better rates on savings & loans, more products & services, innovative new technology, loan product variety, rewards checking and more!


As a BRCCU member will I still be able to visit the same branch and deal with the same BRCCU employees I always have?

Yes. BRCCU members will still be able to enjoy the same excellent service they’ve come to expect from the same smiling BRCCU staff members at the same location they always have. We will also have 6 additional conveniently-located branches to serve you after the conversion date of April 2, 2022. 


As an existing FreeStar Financial member, can I access my account at the Richmond branch?

Yes. Existing FreeStar Financial members will be able to visit and access the Richmond branch beginning January 3, 2022.


Is my personal information safe?

Yes. FreeStar Financial Credit Union has been in business for 64 years and considers privacy and protection of member personal information its highest priority. FreeStar Financial Credit Union uses state-of-the art technology to protect your information and all of their staff are trained to ensure member confidentiality. FreeStar Financial Credit Union does not disclose member information to any third parties unless it is authorized by law.


How will my account(s) be affected?

As a FreeStar member there will be no effect on your account(s). If you are a BRCCU member there are no changes at this time but please keep an eye out for communication as we get closer to the computer conversion date of April 2, 2022.

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