Saving, Made Fun!

We believe that teaching our youth to establish a savings habit can help “take their dreams higher”. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the iSave Certificate of Deposit (CD) program. This program is designed to help teach youth, aged 17 and under, the value of not only saving, but how they can earn interest.

All it takes is just $25 to get started, and your youth can start earning interest at a higher than normal rate savings account! Plus, for each $10 your youth deposits, they’re automatically entered into a drawing to win an annual prize every January.


Your money grows over time

Earn interest and work towards financial goals

Gives you a sense of financial independence

Call us at 586-466-7800 opt. 7, or stop into your closest branch to open your new youth iSavings account today!

Certificates of Deposit
Effective Date: Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024
TermMinimum BalanceInterest RateAPY*Military RateMilitary APY**
Save to Win (1 year) $25.00 2.960% 3.000% 3.9280% 4.000%
iSave Youth (1 Year) $25.00 2.960% 3.000% 2.9600% 3.000%
Six Month $500.00 2.472% 2.500% 3.4460% 3.500%
One Year $500.00 2.960% 3.000% 3.9280% 4.000%
Two Year $500.00 3.057% 3.100% 4.0250% 4.100%
Three Year $500.00 3.154% 3.200% 4.1210% 4.200%
Four Year $500.00 3.300% 3.350% 4.2660% 4.350%
Five Year $500.00 3.445% 3.500% 4.4100% 4.500%
*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY is the total amount of dividends paid on an account, based on the dividend rate and the frequency of monthly compounding for a 365-day period, and expressed as a percentage.
**MILITARY APY: Qualified Military Members receive a 1% rate increase on all CDs, excluding iSave. Eligible members include Active Duty, Veterans, and Retirees. Direct deposit must be in the name of the military member. Direct deposit must be a minimum total of $1,100 per month and must also post to your checking account to qualify. Rates subject to change at any time without notice.
Military Status Verification: For non-members wishing to avail the military rate, verification of military status is required. Acceptable proof includes: Military ID, Retirement ID, Paystubs for military pay, or DD214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty). Terms and conditions apply.

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