Introducing Our New Mobile App!

We understand you have a busy life and that "9-5" banking may not work for you. FreeStar Financial Credit Union has the mobile solution to help. Access your account anytime, anywhere! Upload our free app on your iPhone or Android phone/tablet.

The mobile app will allow you to:

  • Deposit a check
  • Check your credit score
  • Check your balance
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay bills with payees that have already been setup through online banking
  • See transaction history
  • Touch ID: Fingerprint allows you to check your balance quickly without logging in fully 

Download the FreeStar Financial CU mobile app:

  1. iPhone users:
  2. Samsung users:
  3. Search for FreeStar Financial
  4. Then enter your user name and password (same as online banking)

Download for Android phones     Download on Apple devices   

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Mobile App Enhancements (8/26/2021)

We are pleased to announce that our Mobile App has just received some new enhancements effective August 26, 2021. With this release, members will now have the following enhancements:

  • Running Balance Display: Running balance totals in the transaction listing can help members monitor their spending and avoid over-spending. The 21.1 version release will display the running balance totals under the transaction amount.
    Screenshot 1
  • Account Preferences Management: Version 21.1 synchronizes account display settings with those configured in online banking, increasing convenience and providing improved options for mobile-first users. Account preferences can be edited by tapping on Edit in the top left corner of the landing screen. Accounts can be hidden or shown by toggling the check box next to each account, then tapping the save button. Sort configurations, first introduced in the Mobile App in 2017, can be accessed at the top right of this screen. Users can tap on the account name to add or edit an account nickname.
    Screenshot 2
  • User Experience Improvements:

    • Login – View Password on iOS: Mobile banking users of iOS apps can now view the password that they have entered prior to logging into the app, similar to existing Android login capabilities. The ability to check for typos in the password can prevent login errors, reduce login frustration and reduce support channel burden. The password can be shown and hidden by toggling the eye icon on the right of the entry field.
      Screenshot 3

    • Login – Login Error Update: Our telephone number has been removed from the login error message displayed when the user credentials are invalid or Portico are not available to validate the credentials. This change will reduce the burden on support channels during planned or unexpected Portico service interruptions which prevent user authentication to the Mobile app.
      Screenshot 4
    • Show Full Account Number: Mobile banking users can now unmask the full deposit account number, as needed to support digital use of deposit account information. The user can tap the eye icon in the account header to display the un-masked number. The number is re-masked if the user taps the eye again or navigates away from the screen. Credit Card account numbers cannot be unmasked.
      Screenshot 5
    • Loan Payment Enhancement: Today, Mobile users can already make loan payments to certain accounts using the Transfers module. Unfortunately, members do not always associate making a loan payment with making a transfer. This 21.1 user experience enhancement aims to alleviate loan payment confusion by adding a clear Make a payment button at the top of the account screen for accounts that can process payments via funds transfer from another account.
      Screenshot 6
    • Payments – Simplified Landing Page: The Payments section of the Transfers and Payments landing screen has been simplified to streamline the bill payment experience. Users will see Pay bills and Popmoney, as the available options. When Pay bills is selected, users can easily pay or add new bills, view recent activity, and more.
      Screenshot 6
    • Payments – Add Biller Not Found: Bill Capture allows a user to take a picture of a paper bill and make a payment without manually adding the bill details. This is an exclusive feature available as part of Mobile Payments. The Bill Capture experience has been updated to allow adding a biller if it isn’t found after the picture is taken. Onscreen instructions make the steps clear and simple.
      Screenshot 7
    • Member Notifications: Live Updates push notifications may be sent to mobile banking users to inform them of important information impacting their mobile banking service and suggested actions. For example, apps may receive push notifications informing them of important OS updates or app security updates.


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