Youth Accounts: Why Every Child Should Have One!



A youth savings account teaches children at a young age about the importance of money management. Here are some different tips and tricks to help teach your kids about saving for the future.


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A penny saved is a penny earned

We know that putting loose change or tooth fairy money in a piggy bank is exciting for kids, but making a deposit into a saving account at the credit union is too. Set aside time to take your child to visit one of our branches to make their deposit, even if it is only a few dollars. Every child likes doing things on their own. This will let your kid feel independent while learning about saving money.

Get paid for good grades

Did you know that we pay for good grades? When your child has a savings account, show us their report card to get rewarded. With a combination of A’s and B’s they will receive $5 and for all A’s $10. This is perfect way to earn a cash incentive each semester. Just think of all the money they can earn by the time they graduate from high school.

ATM cards for Teenagers

We didn’t forget about the teens. When a child reaches the age of 13, they can get an ATM card with access to our online banking and mobile banking app. Then when they turn 16 they can have a checking account with a debit card. This will teach your teen responsibility and self-confidence as they start to make purchases using their debit card as well as managing their checking account.


We also offer other amazing products to help in you child’s future.

ISave Certificate of Deposit: This is a CD that earns a higher rate and deposits can be made throughout the year. It can be open with just $25 and for every $10 deposited, they will be entered to win a yearly prize.

Scholarships: Every year we award four high school seniors $1,000 to use towards their college of choice.

Education: We offer free games and resources on our website for educational purposes. We also have a team that will visit schools or virtually teach students about budgeting and financial reality.

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Establishing a relationship with a credit union at a young age will ensure financial responsibility as well as being there when it is time to get a loan for a car, credit card or even a house, we will be here to Take their Dreams Higher.

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