To Shred or Not to Shred that is the Question!


To Shred or Not to Shred that is the Question!

Shred Days

Paper is something that seems to be always around you. Work, school, home, you can’t escape it. You would think with the advance in technology we could become a paperless society, if only it were that simple. So now the question is what should you shred? Here are a few quick tips that are sure to help you decide.

Shred Right Away:

  • Cancelled/voided checks, insurance information, expired credit cards, paystubs, employment records, identification cards, used airline tickets, travel itineraries, medical/dental records, items with a signature, payroll information, credit reports, credit union/bank statements, ATM receipts and address labels from junk mail, magazines, and credit card offers. Don’t forget to remove your labels from empty prescription bottles. 

Never Shred:

  • Social Security cards, birth certificates, adoption papers, death certificates of family members, home deeds, titles, marriage certificates, citizen papers, and passports. Make sure to keep these documents in a secure and safe place like a fireproof safe or a safe deposit box.

Remember that shredding your documents with your personal information is a great idea. Identity thieves are out there and they won’t be able to access documents that you have destroyed. Keep this one tip in mind: Once you have put your trash out for pickup, it is not illegal for someone to go through your trash. Keep your identity safe by purchasing a paper shredder or visiting a free shredding day event in your local community.

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