Your Guide to Michigan's Digital Title Revolution


Your Guide to Michigan's Digital Title Revolution with FreeStar Financial Credit Union

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As Michigan leans into a paperless future, understanding electronic title transitions becomes crucial. And who better to guide you through these digital winds of change than FreeStar Financial Credit Union, your trusted local credit union expert?


Michigan's Digital Step Forward

Starting October 1st, 2023, Michigan will usher in a new era for financial institutions. The focus? Electronic titles. If you're financing with FreeStar Financial, here's what it means for you:


From Paper to Pixels: No more paper titles. An efficient electronic title will hold all your crucial lienholder details.


Transparency Delivered: Post-financing, await a copy of your electronic title, complemented by our Michigan ELT letter. We're dedicated to keeping you informed, always.


The Journey from Digital Back to Paper

Once your lien is released, a paper title will find its way to you. For those keen on a physical title, the Michigan Secretary of State branches stand ready to assist.


Private Sales

Planning to sell? Remember to ensure your lien is settled. Only then can the electronic title be transitioned. Our credit union member services remain at your disposal to cater to your specific title-handling requirements.


We are here for you

In a world embracing digital, FreeStar Financial Credit Union remains your constant. We're not just about facilitating auto loans; we're here to guide, educate, and ensure you're always in the know. Together, we make these digital transitions seamless.


Change, especially in the digital realm, can be challenging. But with FreeStar Financial Credit Union by your side, you're never alone. Be it guidance on auto loans or insights on Michigan's electronic title system, we're with you every step of the way.

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