Credit Unions Vs Banks



Both banks and credit unions typically provide similar services such as checking accounts and savings accounts, so why choose a credit union? Simple, because credit unions are awesome! See for yourself with these five reasons why you should choose a credit union over a bank.

image 1 1. “People helping people” is the credit union philosophy. This means that people come first. Credit unions are for the people and it does not matter how much money you have, credit unions are a key component in helping people by providing financial education to improve lives.
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2. You’re a member, not a customer. When you join a credit union, you become a partial owner which entitles you to be called a member. At FreeStar Financial Credit Union you can become a member by depositing $10 into your account to get started. Once that $10 is deposited, you officially become a member. You are not looked at as just an account number, you have a voice and can attend the Annual Meeting and have access to the annual report.

Credit unions are not for profit which in turn you benefit from as being a member. The return profits go to the members through many perks, such as free ATM’s, better loan rates, fewer fees and much, much more.

Image 3 3. Credit Unions are part of your community. Credit Union team members volunteer their time to help at local charities, schools, community events, senior centers and a wide variety of other local events. Helping those in need, educating the youth and reaching out to anyone that needs financial guidance is one of the main principals that credit unions follow.
Image 4 4. You can trust a credit union. When you join a credit union, you can breathe easy knowing your best interest is taken seriously. Team members are always ready to assist you with any financial question you may have and come up with innovative solutions to Take Your Dreams Higher.
image 6 5. Credit Unions are the real deal. At a credit union, you will receive the best personal service and support experience because the main focus is YOU!

Come and join all the “cool kids” and become a member at a credit union, you’ll be so glad you did…and we will be too!


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