You're never too young to start saving for a rainy day

Good financial habits begin early and FreeStar Financial Credit Union is committed to helping our younger members get a head start. Just $10 gets them on the road to saving.

We pay for good grades, too! Show us your report card with all A's and we'll deposit $10 into your savings account. For report cards with a combination of A's and B's, we'll put $5 into your account. It really pays to get good grades!

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Youth Savings Program

Children 12 yrs and under can open a joint savings account with their parent.  When the child reaches the age of 13 yrs, they can get a personal ATM card with access to our online banking and mobile banking app. At age 16, youth members can add checking to their account allowing them to convert their ATM card to a debit card. FreeStar Financial MasterCard Debit Card can be used anywhere cash or credit cards are accepted. Also, youth accounts can use non-FreeStar Financial ATM's up to 5 times a month without a charge.

  Joint Savings Account ATM Card Mobile Banking App Online Banking Debit Card/Checking Account

12 yrs and under


13 yrs old


16 yrs old