National Mutt Day


National Mutt Day

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Did you know July 31st is “National Mutt Day?” There’s no doubt if you have a family pet you probably celebrate them every day, but sometimes those vet bills and other expenses can creep up pretty fast. We’ve compiled a few ways you can save without sacrificing giving your mutt the very best!

  1. Make sure your pet is spayed or neutered. Yes, you’ll spend some money upfront to spay or neuter your pet, but there are long-term savings. For example, some of the behaviors associated with not spaying or neutering your pet can be expensive. Not to mention the obvious cost: puppies and kittens.
  2. Find a good vet before you need one. Why? The worst time to find a vet is when you have a medical emergency. Not only will an emergency vet visit be expensive, but you may have trouble finding one that will fit you in within a timely manner. If you love your pets, you’ll pay whatever it costs in the moment but you can save big on both routine care and emergency treatments by establishing a relationship with an affordable vet before you need one.
  3. Your favorite shirt. Your comfy couch. That remote control. Chewed up things can not only be dangerous to your pet, but can add up to big bucks in replacing things. The American Humane Association even has a list of ways to pet-proof your home. Preventing damage to your things and avoiding vet trips with simple pet-proofing will save you money and possibly your pet’s life. If it’s too late for this step, consider a home equity loan or home equity line of credit from FreeStar Financial Credit Union. If nothing else, you can finally upgrade that kitchen and bathroom that has been on your to-do list for way too long!

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