How FreeStar Financial Credit Union Can Help You Buy or Refinance a Vehicle


How FreeStar Financial Credit Union Can Help You Buy or Refinance a Vehicle

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There are few things more exciting than taking your newly purchased car for that first drive. But more often than not, that excitement fades pretty fast when you have to make your first auto loan payment on that same vehicle. If you’re staring down a high auto loan payment from your bank, you might be wondering if there’s another way to keep loving your car without the financial headache. What if we told you FreeStar Financial Credit Union could help significantly reduce your auto loan payment and make purchasing a car easier?

While many people frequently confuse credit unions as “a type of for-profit bank,” credit unions are actually not-for-profit and are owned by their members. Their goal? To provide affordable low rates to members. That means any time you apply for an auto loan with FreeStar Financial Credit Union, you’ll be receiving a much more competitive rate that will likely reduce your monthly payments. But in case you need more convincing on why a credit union is the best option for your next auto loan, here are a few ways we can help you buy or refinance your car.

Financial Planning for Your Purchase

Sometimes you need help figuring out your finances before you purchase a new or used car. We can offer pinpointed guidance on how to navigate costs, build payment plans, and more before you purchase your vehicle. That way, you’re on the road with the car you need AND a strategic auto loan that works for your needs.

Providing You a Low Rate on Your Auto Loan

The best way we can help you purchase that dream car is to get started on a low-rate auto loan. Whenever you apply, all we need is proof of insurance and income, and we can help you get the funding you need to buy the vehicle you want, at a low rate you can afford.

Providing a Faster Payment Plan

Because of our low rate, that means each month when you make a payment on your auto loan, you’re actually paying back more of what you owe and spending less on high rates and banking fees. So, while a bank auto loan might take 5 years to pay, with FreeStar Financial Credit Union you could pay off your car in just 3 years!

Helping You Escape from Big Bank Rates

If you’re feeling stuck in a high rate, high payment auto loan at a big bank, FreeStar Financial can help by refinancing your car. That means we will cut your current rate and get you on a healthier payment plan where you aren’t being charged an arm and a leg just to deal with big bank fees.

So, after all this, why would you ever go back to a high payment at a for-profit big bank? Apply for an auto loan or refinance your auto loan with us today, and we’ll get you on the road in the car you need with the right payment plan for you.                                                                                                                                                  

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